About Dangerous Doug Harper

Doug Harper lives in Nevada, Missouri, where he is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, musician, promoter, and often times spokesman in and for the local music scene. Often times Dangerous, as the locals like to call him, spends many hours developing music and arts in the area.

“I spend a lot of time building the music economy at home, and at the end of the day I try and make it better for all of the local musicians”.

Dangerous Doug Harper is and probably will always be the most known musician in the Vernon County area primarily for his dedication, and attention to the artists, musicians, area bands, and the music that they create, but also for his years of impossible faith in the fact that yes something will happened because of the music in his home town Nevada, Missouri. Doug has a natural knack to be able to find a large amount of opportunity in such a small town, and prefers to play music at home more than on the road, even though it lacks the spark and interest locally, that is more easily obtained elsewhere. Doug always returns home after he tours and then performs live, or hosts music related events that average around one hundred and fifty times a year at home, and yet still makes time to have other related ventures such as the Local Ear Radio Show, a music writer for area music newspapers and magazines, A & R for a small independent record label, and so many more outlets.

Doug said it like this on his Myspace page “I put on a lot of hats for the music biz, and if it has to do with music I have probably done it”.

Around town and on tour he now plays mostly solo gigs. Doug has been recorded, produced and distributed on many, many CD EP, and Album projects.


The Num Nutz Band EP - "Enguardi Noix" - 1997

Solo EP - "Mr. E Machine" - 2000

Solo CD - "Two Song Demo" - 2001

Solo CD - "South Street and Grand" - 2002

Solo CD -"Let's Get Dangerous" - 2002

Solo CD - "Beatle White" - 2003

Solo EP - "Four" - 2004

Bands from the Back 40 compilation CD - "Volume 1" - 2006

Solo EP - "I Found Myself a Monkey" - 2006 [CLICK HERE TO BUY AT CD BABY]

Solo Album - "Delaware" - 2006/2007

Solo Album - "People Places and a Song About Gretchen Wilson" - 2007 

Bands from the Back 40 compilation CD - "Volume 2" - 2007

Solo Album - "Alien Rave" - 2008

Solo CD - "Andy's Pizza CD" - 2008

Solo CD - "Family Video CD" - 2008

Hollywood Adventure Live EP - 2009

Solo CD - "41st Street" - 2010

Solo CD - "Tips Appreciated" - 2010

Solo Special Edition Re-issue CD - "Delaware" - 2011

Solo Album - "South Street and Grand (Live)" - 2013

Solo Album - "Hodge-Podge of Future Hit songs" - 2013 [BUY NOW at CD BABY]

Solo Album - "Live @ Art Shop" Version 1 - 2013 [sold exclusively at Cash n' Dash]

Solo Album - "Live @ Art Shop" Version 2 - 2013 [sold at other retailers]

Solo Album - "Hometown Demos" - 2014

Solo CD - "Podge-Hodge of Songs and Retro TV CD" - 2016

Solo CD - "11 From 9" - 2017 [CLICK HERE TO BUY IT ON FACEBOOK]


"Cardboard Clone" - 2006 [SAMPLE & DOWNLOAD IT NOW]

"I Found Myself a Monkey (Live)" - 2006 [SAMPLE & DOWNLOAD IT NOW]

"When Tomorrow is Gone" - 2006 [SAMPLE & DOWNLOAD IT NOW]

"Rabbit Ears" - 2010 [SAMPLE & DOWNLOAD IT NOW]

"Living Out Your Dreams" - 2010 [SAMPLE & DOWNLOAD IT NOW]

"Music Store" - 2011 [SAMPLE & DOWNLOAD IT NOW]

"Good Times (Live)" - 2013 [SAMPLE & DOWNLOAD IT NOW]

"Break Your Hearts Desire" - 2013 [SAMPLE & DOWNLOAD IT NOW]

"Nevada Missouri part 1" - 2014 [SAMPLE & DOWNLOAD IT NOW]

"Nevada Missouri part 2" - 2015 [SAMPLE & DOWNLOAD IT NOW]

"Big Blue Sign (Pre-Mix)" - 2016 [SAMPLE & DOWNLOAD IT NOW]

Other projects are at least three un-released jewels. This all adds up to over 300,000 distributed units and is over the equivalent of a silver record in the main stream music world.

23 years of playing and performing music! More than two-thousand live performances including the cities: Nashville Tennessee, Kansas City Missouri, Hollywood California, Lincolin Nebraska, Jackpot Nevada, Billings Montana, Metropolis Illinois, Tunica Mississippi, Lyons Georgia, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Ft. Collins Colorado, Marksville Louisiana, Deadwood SD, and more.